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Refine Your Sun Salutation

Sun salutations are a sequence of poses linked together by the breath. They work to strengthen the body and focus the mind, and form the foundation for the entire practice. Because we are constantly moving and rarely holding the individual poses, it is easy to lose our alignment. If we develop unconscious habits that are repeated over and over, this can lead to injury.

In this workshop we will first focus on the breath. Long, even breaths steady the nervous system, strengthens the body, and builds internal heat. When you are concerned with the breath within one posture, or one movement, your mind is in the present moment, which is where yoga wants us to be. After focusing on the breath we will work on refining our alignment in each of the postures in Sun Salutation A & B. We will take a deeper look at what is happening in chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog, and explore different modifications and enhancements so that all levels will benefit—from beginner to advanced.

cost: $30 Non-member, members take 20% off

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Earlier Event: August 8
Summer Series: Beach Yoga
Later Event: August 29
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