Class Offerings

sweat + flow

sweat + flow is our spin on a vinyasa/flow class. classes are set to music that will ebb and flow with your heart rate as we take you through breath work, sun salutations, yummy heart melting pose, and everything in between. So come find your groove, belt out a little Whitney Houston if it's in you and let your to-do list melt away as you carve out one hour just for you. 

sweat + shake

Imagine you took ballet, added the isometric movements of pilates then incorporated 20 minutes of your favorite yoga poses - that's what we call sweat + shake! This is a heart-pumping, full-body sculpting class designed to raise your heart rate and build long lean muscle tone, while connecting your mind and body and maybe even helping you meet your new best friend. Our class will insert yoga based stretching between the peak working sections allowing you to lengthen out your muscles right after they've reached their shaking point. So come sculpt your body with us and soak in all the pigeon pose you can handle.  

buti yoga

Have you read the book Where the Wild Moms Are? Buti is their dance party. Complete with tribal dance, drumming on your mat, sweat dripping down your face and a whole lot of movements that bring love into your body. We've done a lot of fitness varieties, but there's nothing quite like Buti - and although you feel slightly insane while it's happening, you're thinking twice as hard about how you never want it to stop. 

the daily restore

A 75-minute class with a sequence of poses that are supported by props to allow you to completely relax. The lights are dimmed to allow the body to come into a restful and relaxing state. Gentle twists, forward folds and backbends are included, all poses are seated.

mom + me

Twice a week you get to bring your little in to class. The class is geared to mom looking to create some movement with your bodies, maybe use your littles as resistance training and build a foundation that helps your child be mindful and active throughout life. Since kids are heading back to school, we’d like to keep this for 6 month - preK. Anyone under 10 in your family gets a free membership to the mom + me classes when you purchase a membership for yourself. Can’t make it? No problem! Just send your hubs, nanny or your mom with them instead.


Healthy pregnancy. It can be a thing. Our owner personally did barre and yoga all the way up until week 39. Now, she was definitely not doing a whole lot towards the end but she did love the support, the community and some time to herself to move. Our prenatal classes start with some circle time, and then you'll move into positions that are safe for you during pregnancy. We're also taking it a step further and teaching you how to modify in our regularly scheduled classes so you feel confident coming in whenever it works best for you. 

sweat hot remix

It’s HERE! 90 minutes of hot vibes for our sweat tribe! Come hydrated and get ready to sweat in our heated room that’ll leave you feeling detoxed and invigorated. This sequence is based on the 26+2 series but we added beats and a few postures to create our own sweaty sequence. Poses are synched with your breath, plus, there’s a fun and challenging balancing series to add fire to your life. This sequence will leave you feeling perfectly balanced inside and out, from bottom to top - just like a japanese ham sandwich.

This class hits the schedule september 12th.

sweat + go

A 30-minute intensive for the early birds. we’re putting together the best strength + resistance based movements of our sweat + shake class that you love for a full body burn that will leave you shaking all day. This class will get your heart pumping with cardio bursts between strength exercises and still leave you feeling long + lean when it’s over.


Let’s sweat, sign me up!